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Limited Too is a girl’s market leader with a solid foundation of brand identity. The Limited Too girl is trendy, active, confident, energetic and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Whether for school or play, snow or swim, she can express her individuality and creativity with a full lifestyle of outerwear and swimwear in all seasons and for all ages. Our fashion-forward Limited Too collection reminds us that it truly is a girl’s world!


The little sister brand of kensie, kensie girl is inspired from a younger more contemporary line. The kensie girl motto is “Let’s hang out and make pretty”, she loves to flip through fashion and gossip magazines, as well as search the web for her favorite fashion and celebrity looks and wish list items; then she posts them on many different social media applications so she can share her favorite looks with her friends.


The kensie girl enjoys dressing in the latest trends, but also likes to change her mind and wear a dress with tights one day and skinny jeans with a sweater the next day, but she always knows how to accessorize any outfit with the perfect earrings, scarf, belt, sneakers and/or boots to complete the look. She is feminine and pretty, colorful and comfortable. kensie Girl clothes can be soft and whimsical , yet edgy or vintage inspired, but always pretty and suitable for the girl who isn’t quite sure what mood she wants to dress in that particular day.


Perry Ellis the designer fashion brand was born from Perry Ellis the man. A man who was forward-thinking and FRESH. Not mired in tradition. Who believed fashion was FUN, and should never be taken too seriously. Patterns, pops of color, new shapes and never-before-seen styles — he embraced it all, rewriting the rules and redefining American sportswear. Perry’s focus was on innovation; breaking down the walls of fashion and making clothes designed with REAL LIFE in mind. Not just ‘fashion, for fash-ion’s sake,’ but clothes that simplify style choices. His legacy lives on through the Perry Ellis brand. The Perry Ellis ethos hasn’t changed. Since that first American collection in 1976, Perry Ellis clothes continue to enhance our guy’s life across work, play and family - giving him the CONFIDENCE to go anywhere and do anything. Today Perry Ellis is a global lifestyle brand that continues to design clothes, fragrance, watches, footwear and more, with real life in mind. Building on our heritage, we’re simultaneously INNOVATING and challenging ourselves to have a FRESH and RELEVANT outlook on life, so that we can create a VERSATILE and adaptable wardrobe. With Perry Ellis, it’s more than just ‘fashion’. It’s about style that adapts and facilitates the life you lead.


Cherokee is an iconic American family lifestyle brand, offering classic, casual comfort at great value.


A wedge is born in Venice Beach, California. From handcrafted beginnings and steeped in authenticity, Cherokee speaks to the very best of American design. Timeless classics inspired by vintage Americana, but always interpreted with a modern Cherokee handwriting. Across four decades, Cherokee has always stood for confident, effortless and relaxed American style. Something we call “American Cool”. 

We currently produce children's outerwear as well as sportswear. 


iXtreme is our premier brand for all boy sizes from infant to 20. Along with it’s female equivalent Pink Platinum, this brand is a major part of our identity and success. From outerwear to swimwear to accessories and more, this collection combines trend-right styling in key category classifications with an exceptionally strong price to value relationship. After years of development, we can proudly say that iXtreme is a must-have brand in every category!

Pink Platinum kids.jpg

Keeping kids dry in raingear since 1983, Wippette has expanded its line to include outerwear, swimwear accessories and more.

This brands quality outerwear will keep your child warm and cozy in the winter and its adorable swimwear line will allow your kid to play and splash around in the summer. Wippette’s focus on design, fabric development and fit ensures that your little ones will look and feel great in all kinds of weather!

Pink Platinum is our premier brand for all girl sizes from infant to 16. Along with it’s male equivalent iXtreme, this brand is a major part of our identity and success. From outerwear to swimwear to accessories and more, this collection combines trend-right styling in key category classifications with an exceptionally strong price to value relationship. After years of development, we can proudly say that Pink Platinum is a must-have brand in every category!

Big Chill.jpg

Big Chill is a fashion-forward, outdoor lifestyle brand for the consumers who seek high quality at an affordable price point. From its durable, high impact outerwear to it’s stylish swimwear, Big Chill offers attractive styles designed to withstand mother nature’s most extreme conditions. Big Chill is a brand where function meets fashion to embrace the open-air spirit in all of us!



Members Only is an American outerwear company whose well known signature racer jacket has been a pop culture symbol of style since the 1980’s. The timeless heritage styling still distinguishes the original iconic racer jacket today and it is produced exactly the same as the first jacket in 1975. But Members Only is not only a major figure in the past, but also looks to progress to the future. The brand continues to expand it’s catalogue of men’s and women’s classic moto jackets, flight satin bombers, and utilitarian outerwear in a variety of shell fabrics, and featuring the signature logo chest pocket. This brand has stood the test of time and has proven that Members Only doesn’t follow the trend, Members Only is the trend.


Pony was founded in 1972 on Madison Ave. in New York City.

As the heart and sole of the company, Roberto Muller created Pony in his own image, which is to say it was equal-parts energetic, rambunctious and ambitious. Since the inception, Pony has taken a disruptive approach to marketing in the athletic and apparel world.


Throughout the 70’s and 80’s PONY not only secured endorsements with many elite professional athletes but they also reached consumers through partnerships with other tastemakers. They were the individuals; the entertainers; the icons. Today, Pony is back in the game. With its New York attitude restored, this authentic sports brand is poised once again to deliver the goods. 

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